Thank you for checking into joining our vendor family. We have an extensive waiting list, so the first step to becoming a vendor at Marketplace is to get on that list. It also helps to e-mail us pictures of your products and staging. There is no obligation; if we call, and you have changed your mind, there's no problem. There are a few things you need to know as you get started:

  • You will be charged monthly rent for your space, a 10% commission on sales, and an average fee of 3% on credit card sales in your booth.
  • All of our vendors start upstairs.  We select our downstairs vendors from our upstairs booths.  And yes, we have both a lift and a ramp to move big pieces upstairs.
  • Booth sizes and rent vary, but the average booth size upstairs is 10 x 12.
  • We are not accepting any clothing or wholesale items at this time.  We don't mind a few books in a booth, but we already have a full sized book booth.  And lastly, we are a family business, so we do not accept potentially offensive items such as Playboy magazines or Nazi memorabilia.
  • The minimum time commitment is 2 months as you will pay first and last month's rent up front.  
  • Our most successful vendors recognize that profitable booths require consistent attention, staging, refreshing, and cleaning.  
  • Be warned--being a vendor is addicting!  
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